Welcome To Shark Fish Gator Dolphin Turtle Snake Replica and Unique Jewelry Christmas Gift Headquarters! Spring SALE Is ON! This year has already been exciting w our Big Sharks and Sea creatures going to Museums in New York California Denmark-Italy and Sweden Plus 3 giant replicas to the Finland National Opera and many many Crocodiles of all sizes for a new HBO series Called AMERICAN GODS.

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-NEW for 2017 !! Many New Fish/Sharks More -Super Hand made hand painted Replica mounts and Packages of several fish/sharks for Restaurants-Seafood Shops- Movies/Commercials-Casinos -Resorts- Attractions and Your Home or Condo! All of our handcrafted Hand painted Fish/Shark replica mounts are cast from real fish! Great quality made w all the fine detail down to each Scale Shaun is known for and long hours to paint by Hand and make custom eyes ect-Shaun still paints each by Brush no Air Brush-as looks too artificial to him Inquire for large and overseas orders shaun@thesharkstore.com AND WE NOW CAN DELIVER SAFELY TO MOST OF FLORIDA AT LOW OR NO COST ON MANY LARGE REPLICA ORDERS!! NO ONE ELSE CAN SAVE YOU $1000 S OF DOLLARS LIKE THAT JUST FOR BEING IN FLORIDA!

- SAVE $1000s on shipping

Our Hand Crafted and Hand Painted Trophy Sharks-Fish-Sea Turtles-Manatees- Dolphins- Snakes are in over 75 Museums in USA nd More Than 27 other Countries!

Please email shaun@thesharkstore.com if you have any questions about items or ordering-Happy to Help Shaun@thesharkstore.com

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Customers include Treasure Island Casino/Resort Las Vegas- FX Network Ultimate fighters Championship show-Discovery Channel-Universal Studios- Six Flags- and our mounts hang in National Museums in Switzerland-Japan-Canada-USA. Our jewelry is worn by many celebrities and sports stars Including dozens of well known actors (and in shows and commercials) plus Nascar's Hendricks Motorsports Team- UFC fighters - Pro Boxers and several NFL-MLB and NHL players. Our Family has been up close and personal with Sharks, Gators and dangerous animals for over 25 years. Shaun has created nearly 400 designs of unique Jewelry to date. We care about our customers- Almost ALL ITEMS ARE 100% Guaranteed! - SHIPPING TIMES - Most Items sent out fast & safe within 5 days of order -Weekends-Holidays excluded- Multi-Item Orders Sometimes take longer- Please call or email if you need a specific date of order. "Overnight" ORDERS - We make and package these to ship out the within 1 or 2 days. Then usually 1 DAY SHIPPING TIME IN USA for usps express mail- Some us locations take 2 days Some Items-Like Shark jaws on plaques, handmade or Gold Jewelry and Multi-Item Orders can take several days to create and may not be good choices for overnite/express mail-We wil email you if we think items are inappropriate for this service.

Mounts are usually ready within 5-6 weeks unless it says ready to ship in ad.We also can send a nice wrapped photo of a Christmas or Bday gift mount if you place a mount gift order too late to get in time. We are a small company and it can take time to get your custom items ready Claims/Refunds for damage in transit are paid by Carrier/USPS/UPS/FEDEX or insurance of these only. Thanks! Shaun and Crew

Featured Products

Giant Fierce 12 ft 3D Great white Shark Replica JAWS
New Big 50 Inch Black Grouper Half Mount Decor
Big Blue Crab Cooked or Fresh Colors Restaurant decor replica
Giant Super sharks beach Towel Art Shark Week
SOLD! GIANT Alligator Snapping Turtle Replica mount 3.D Ready for Xmas !
NEW- XXL Great White Shark replica jaws- Restaurant
NEW- Xmas gift for the Swamp! Real gator tooth in package
NEW! Great White Sharks Head mount- BIG TEETH -ships worldwide
NEW Shark Week Special!- XXL Great White Shark Head Mount
NEW GIANT HUGE Great White Shark replica mount- 16 ft Shark Week Special!
Killer Piranha fish mount replica- Sharp teeth!
NEW- Huge striking XXL Diamondback rattlesnake replica mount!
NEW- 8ft GREAT WHITE Full Shark Mount!
Baby Tiger Shark Mount/Replica
XXL Tarpon Mount/Replica- Huge 86 inch World Record Size
XL Nurse Shark Mount/Replica  66 inch
XL Blue Shark Fish Mount/Replica  80 inches
 Real Great White tooth Sterling Necklace and Chain!
XL Real great white shark tooth pendant/necklace sterling silverNEW! Horn Shark Fish mount taxidermy for sale!
Crimson/Burnt Orange Hemp Shark Bracelet/Anklet
XXL Real Alligator Head/ Mount- New 10- inch Real Great White Shark Tooth earrings! Sterling wire
XXL Stingray Fish mount- With real BARB! Taxidermy
Safari African Wood / Silver Beads Shark tooth anklet/bracelet
SALE ! LARGE BLACK-TIP SHARK JAWS-10-11 -average size
Weird!! Gila Monster Mount/Replica! Real enough to Bite!
NEW Sapphire Tiger Shark Bracelet and Earrings Set
Sharks ! U get 3 Squeeky Great White Shark Toys!
Mako Shark Mount- shippable worldwide! 13.5 inch on driftwood
Tiger Shark Tooth-Tiger handmade Fimo Bead necklace!
World Record Bull Dolphin/Mahi mahi Mount/ Taxidermy
NEW- Aqua SEA Glass bead/shark tooth Bracelet/anklet-Hemp and Cord
NEW -Record Replica Great White Tooth pendant 14k- Double Wired
World Record Crappie Mount/Taxidermy
Wild Earrings! TIGER & Tiger Shark Tooth 14k Gold bead
Record Great White Shark Tooth necklace! Replica Glass Beads
Antique BLUE White Heart Beads/Shark Tooth Bracelet
Antique RED White Heart Beads/Shark Tooth Bracelet anklet
Premo Dark Blue/Silver Bead shark tooth necklace!
XXX-  Double Black Bear Claw Necklace! Replica Claws
New XL Real Bull Sharks Teeth package!
Premium Bull Shark Tooth Pendant! Solid Silver cap
2 Tiger Fimo Bead Necklaces! Premo Tigershark & BullNEW-GREAT WHITE Record Tooth Replica -Sterling double wire
XXL Huge Real Tiger Shark- Shark design Sterling Cap
XL Octopus 3/D Mount taxidermy replica
Xl 3/D SAWFISH Shark Mount replica taxidermy
NEW- Cool GLOW N The DARK Real Scorpion Carbiner Key-ring
16 lb 8 oz Largemouth bass fish mount! Alabama Record
XXL Huge Real Bull shark Tooth necklace- sterling silverXl Real Tiger shark tooth necklace- sterling cap silver chain
NEW- SKULLS Black and White Beads Hemp Bracelet anklet
Xl Peacock Bass Fish Mount/taxidermy
 Loggerhead Sea turtle 3/D Mount
African Safari Greater Kudu head Mount-Impressive!!
COOL Alligator Gator Full Mount taxidermy!! Ships Worldwide
NEW Antique Sapphire and Silver plate Shark Bracelet/anklet
Real White Shark Jaws Special!
XL REAL Great White Shark Tooth Sterling  Rope Chain Necklace
Real Sharks jaws 3 pack for collectors/teachers
SALE!! XXL Big Alligator Head / Mount Real 9  inch
UNIQUE- Green Tree Boa Snake keychain!
NEW- Golden Eye of the Hurricane Illuminati Good Luck Necklace
XL Hammerhead Shark Eye Illuminati Good Fortune necklace
50 + Modern Real Sharks teeth Collectors package! Many species3 XL Real mako shark teeth- wired for jewelry making
XXL Real Mako Shark tooth pendant- 14k Gold fill wire
Alligator Gar Fish mount/replica 7ft plus!
XXL Blue Catfish Quarter/head mount !
Giant Yellowfin Tuna Mount/Replica- 7ft plus- 285 lb!
XL Walleye Fish mount/replica ! 29 inches
Chain pickerel fish Mount/Replica- 27 inch
XL Blue Marlin fish mount/replica- 76 inches!
XXL Hammerhead Shark mount/replica! 6.7  ft
XL Blue Catfish Mount/Replica- 39 inches!
Paddlefish/Spoonbill Catfish-replica mount
XXL Striped Bass Mount replica- 32 inch 20 lbs!
XXL Mako Shark Quarter/Head Wall mount- REAL TEETH!
Record size Replica Great white necklace-  Blue beads
XXL Sailfish- Natural Look- 90 inches
XXL Redfish Replica mount- 42 inches
XXL Chinook Salmon Mount Replica- 36 inches
XXL Channel Catfish Mount Replica- 36 inches
XL Brook Trout Mount Replica- 28 inch
Coral Snake Lucite premium Walking Cane
XL  Coral snake mount/replica- 36 inches
XL Bull Dolphin/Dorado/Mahi Mahi Mount Replica -43 inches
XXL Bottlenose Dolphin (Flipper) Mount /Replica
XXL 8ft  Alligator Gator full mount replica
Super SALE!! XXL Great White Shark mount replica 116 inches
NEW Tropical RED GROUPER Fish Mount/Replica
 BEST SELLER! XL Real Great White sharks Tooth Necklace- Blue/Silver beads
Large Grade A  3 pack of Real very White Sharks Jaws
NEW- Real Alligator Tooth Necklace- Gator design cap-
NEW- Mako Sharks tooth 14k Rose Gold dipped Necklace
NEW  Real African Warthog Skull with Tusk
XXL Huge Real Alligator Skull- 18 -19 inches
NEW Real Mako shark Tooth Tough necklace
TWO Real XL Tiger shark tooth necklaces -price of one!
NEW- Rooster Feather Hair Clip-on  Braid w/ Sharks tooth!
Real Shark Jaws and Skin Edu pack for sale
Custom premium Palomino Trout fish mount/replica
Premium Palomino Rainbow Trout fish mount/replica for sale
Goliath Tiger Fish mount- African river monster
New  World Record Shellcracker/ Red Ear Bream fish mount
NEW-Real Great white tooth Earrings- Gold tone Beads
NEW-Real Mako sharks teeth earrings- Gold tone beads
Huge Big Halibut replica mount for sale
Forest Cobra snake replica mount for sale
2 Dangerous Sharks package- Great White-Tiger Shark FREE Shipping!
Premium-Big Real Great White Tooth 14k Gold Pendant
Aboral Green Tree Snake replica mount for sale
XXL Big Black Grouper mount for sale- 50 inches
Giant BIG Mako Shark Jaw Jaws for sale 21 inches!
XL Big Coyote Skull- Cool Gift!
XL Oceanic Whitetip Shark Tooth sterling silver necklace/chain
XXL Real Bull shark Tooth sterling necklace/chain
XXL Big Real Tiger Shark tooth- Sterling silver Chain Necklace
XXL Real Mako shark tooth sterling silver necklace/chain
XL Speckled Trout Fish mount for sale- 28 inches
1.5 mm Premium Sterling silver Box Or Rope chain - 18 inches
2.5 mm heavy Premium Sterling silver Box chain-22 inch
1.0 mm Sterling Silver Box or rope Chain- Premium Rhodium Coated 18 inch
NEW- XL 14k Gold Real Bull Shark Tooth Pendant
14k Gold 1 mm Diamond Cut Rope Chain for sale
2.5 mm 14k Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain
XL Big Timber rattlesnake snake mount replica for sale
Real Mako shark Jaws 8 inches -SALE
XXL Big 7ft Mako Shark mount for sale-
XXL Big Gator 1/3 mount replica!
3 Pack!  Tiger shark Earrings-Bracelet/Anklet- Necklace
Nile crocodile head mount for sale!
SALE!! Super White Grade A  Sharks Jaws Jaw for sale
Sale! XL Shortfin Mako Shark Jaws Jaw for sale!  13 x 9
Weird African Vervet Monkey Skull! Real Deal!
Big 44 inch Blue Fin Tuna Fish mount for sale!
New-XL 87 inch Blue Marlin fish mount for sale
Walrus Head Mount/Replica- Unbelievable!
NEW Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Head Replica mount for sale!
XXL Hippo Floating Replica Mount for sale!
XXXL Tough White Rhino Replica mount for sale!
NEW- XXL Blue Marlin Fish Mount for sale - 92 inch
Premium Real Great white Teeth Earrings- Great Gift!
RARE Shark Skin Sections for sale!
XXL Killer Whale ceiling mount/replica
Huge African Elephant Tusk/Ivory Replica standing display
GIant 14 ft Blue Marlin 3/D Leaping Mount
New- Blacktip Reef Shark Full mount- Fierce over 6ft
NEW- 3 sharks Restaurant package! all 6ft plus full mounts
 NEW 4 1/2 ft great white shark mount replicaHuge 3/D World Record 22 lb + Largemouth bass mount
SOLD! REAL Piranha Skin mount on driftwood- READY TO GO !
SOLD!! XL Pacific Sailfish 6 ft mount- READY TO ship !SOLD! XXXL Giant 3/D Loggerhead sea turtle mount-
SOLD!! NEW XL Stripped Marlin Fish mount- READY To Ship For XMAS!
SOLD! New Carribean grouper fish mount- Ready to SHIP!New GIANT Megalodon Shark Fossil Jaws jaw for sale
NEW Great White Shark Attack Surfer Photo Op Kit/Display
Mom and Baby Dolphins 3/D replicas
#1Shark Week Package- tooth necklaces/Teeth/Fossils
#2 Xmas Shark Special Pack- Jaws-Necklaces-Teeth-Fossils
NEW Giant Megalodon Jaws Real Fossil Teeth!
 Ready Xmas Gift!  XXL Sea turtle Shell wall hanger ReplicaNEW XXL3/D  Black Tip Shark Mount - 80 inches! Real Teeth rows
XXL Record  Bull Shark 3/D  Replica mount
XXXL Big Giant Real Alligator gator skull head 23 in + for sale
BIG XXL Real Bull Shark Jaws -18.5 inches
XXL Trophy Mako Shark Jaws Plaque w Species/size metal tag
MASSIVE 5 11/16th inches Real Fossil Megalodon Tooth
3/D Southern Stingray Desk/Shelf Display replica mountGiant Bloody Great white sharks head of 18 ft -Ready to go!Huge FIERCE Alligator Wall Quarter mount- NEW