XXL Tiger Shark Mount Replica taxidermy- 92 inches!!

XXL Tiger Shark Mount Replica taxidermy- 92 inches!!
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XXL Tiger Shark Mount Replica taxidermy- 92 inches!!
NEW !! XXL HUGE TIGER SHARK Fish Mount /Taxidermy approx 92 inches !! REALISTIC!!! Open mouth with REAL TIGER Sharks Teeth and even rough skin(denticles)!!-Like all our fish/shark mounts- this is cast from a real Fish!- This one is cast from the Whole Shark- not a flat one side cheap shell like many you may see elsewhere On Ebay- It has detail /eyes - Even on back on parts you can see from front as it hangs on wall-Please note- These big ones are hard to photograph- glare on full length pic-( this one still had small detail work like gums to be smoothed and painted and coat of clearcoat- wanted to post before weekend was up) Our mount has new Tri-level hangers on back for easy hanging on any wall! Like all our fish/shark mounts- this one is cast from a real Fish! ( most are just sculptures these days)- We also add custom,species specific eyes as well- Lots of Colors and shades like a real shark- that is serious DETAIL . This is one fantastic mount that will blow your friends or customers away! - Original Fish was around 225 lbs - We also do a cast from real smaller Sharks/ Head and quarter mounts and also even larger ones up to Our GIANT 16 feet 4000lbs Great White and MONSTER TIGER SHARK OF 13 FEET!! We do package deals for Restaurants/Museums and Attractions plus we can modify any of of BIG Sharks for outdoor Signs ect - and this thing really draws a crowd! Every time i deliver shark/ray/Fish and dolphin mounts and stop to get gas on the way there- a large crowd will appear to ask about the mounts and take pictures! Imagine what one of these could do for your business- people love these!!!- Call or email for our great prices!! See all our great shark and world record fish mounts. XL Mounts take approx 2-3 weeks from time of order/payment for winning item- although we can sometimes expedite for deadlines.

SHIPPING is $ 399 - Truck right to your home or business - Insured to USA Mainland/Lower 48 ONLY- it takes hours to crate and pack these carefully which we do not charge for- This can be shipped overseas and to Canada thru our shipping broker- crated shark this size is approx 975 to 1299 for boat/ship shipping just about anywhere in world ( believe it or not- this is about 40-70% LESS than fedex/ups- usps will not ship this size. Please email or call shaun for shipping est with serious inquiry- remember minimum will be 975 to ship overseas and you pick up at port.

We can also deliver by our Truck for 1.50 a mile one way if u live close by Ala/Fla North Gulf Coast- and of course- you can pick up here w/no shipping cost . We do package deals For restaurants- bars- Museums and attractions- shipping for several mounts is the same as for just one by the mile- PLEASE CALL SHAUN AT 251-747-4788 - Mount that everyone will notice. These take alot of time to craft and detail/paint (you may see some pics of process in some of our listings) -THESE ARE VERY HARD TO PHOTOGRAPH- COLORS BLEND BETTER THAN PICS WILL SHOW! We have many World Record Fish and Shark mounts -SEE ALL IN OUR STORE!

Incredible detail- super premium mount/ replica! I make my mounts the old fashioned way- very heavy fiberglass/resin- not a cheap shell like many mounts you see on Ebay-This is a once in a lifetime mount that friends or customers will be very impressed with- not something you see everyday!

Mount made with greatest care from original mold- and is BRAND NEW!